Paracord supplies and products. Paracord is 100% genuine USA manufactured.

CamsCords was established to meet the needs and demands of the 'Ozzie paracordist'. In the beginning, it was found to be very difficult to source different coloured paracord and high quality. CamsCords specialises in providing genuine USA manufactured paracord which is exceptionally strong, versatile and has a great range of colours. This paracord is modelled after US military issue 7 strand kernmantle style 550 cord which was used originally for the suspension lines in parachutes.

550 Paracord is the standard issue cord used in the US military. It is also a favourite with outdoor enthusiasts and is ideal for any survival situation. 550 Paracord is mildew resistant and will not rot, lightweight and extremely strong and tested to 550lb. It has 7 strand inner twist nylon.

CamsCords also specialises in hand braided dog leashes in a great variety of vibrant colours or for those discerning dog owners, a low key colour range. Each leash is hand braided and checked for quality assurance, braid consistency and finish before the handle is spliced back into the lead. You can be assured that the lead you buy has been made from high quality USA manufactured paracord.

The standard size is approximately 1 metre however leads can be made to any size you like. They are all hand braided to the same high standard and quality. Just send me an email with the size you require and I will provide you with a quote. As you can appreciate, special orders can take up to one week from time of order to being posted.

Heavy duty leads are also hand woven in a cobra stitch pattern. These are made to order and have a four strand inner spine covered by paracord stitched in a cobra weave. These are made to order and to the length that you require.
CamsCords also hand weaves dog collars in a large variety of colours. These collars can be made with two colours or a single colour. You have a choice of either a buckle or a steel shackle for the closer. All collars come standard with two heavy duty "D" rings to clip your lead on and the other to hang any identification or registration tags. Dog collars come in a variety of sizes with standard sizes being 33, 36 and 38 centimetres. Please measure the size of your dog's neck and send me the measurement, the inner colour, outer colour and type of closer ie buckle or shackle.

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